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3 Strategies to Reduce Home Care Agency Turnover

No matter the industry, agencies strive to reduce turnover while maximizing profits—all with the aim of serving clients and ensuring a viable business model. This, however, can be a complex recipe. According to the Center for American Progress and the 2018 Home Care Benchmarking Study, replacing a caregiver costs $2,600 on average.

The costs of home care agency turnover add up quickly, and include finding and training a replacement as well as factors such as reduced work quality and lower productivity. And while at times turnover is unavoidable, there are strategies agencies can take to boost team member morale and improve employee retention.

Nurse2Help has compiled three strategies to improve staff retention at your home care agency:

  1. Let your home care staff take ownership of their decision-making.

What better way to show your team you value their hard work than to give them a sense of autonomy? It’s essential that you hold your team to the highest standards, and that you provide ongoing education as needed. That said, you can help to reduce turnover by letting your trained and qualified home care staff take charge of what they do on the job. Autonomy is known to boost productivity and overall job satisfaction.

From what meals to prepare, to how they spend their time with the patient, nurses and caregivers should be making their own decisions (within reason, of course). Check in with them on a regular basis, though, as you want to be sure the choices they make align with your organizational values.

Similarly, ask for feedback from your team. What do they like about working at your agency? What do they feel could be improved upon? Ask questions and welcome their input.

  1. Implement an employee recognition program.

Be sure to show your nurses and caregivers the degree to which you appreciate them. An effective, organized way to go about doing this is to create an employee recognition program where team members are incentivized to go the extra mile.

Research shows that celebrating team members can increase productivity and performance, and reduce turnover as a result. Celebrating employee achievements can also promote staff loyalty and cultivate a fulfilling company culture—so why not institute an “Employee of the Month” program, or start awarding your team members when they reach specific milestones?

  1. Offer fair compensation and growth opportunities.

Your home care staff members want to feel that if they progress in their current role, they can better work toward their career goals. Prove to your caregivers and private nurses that you care about their future by offering fair compensation, appealing benefits, and other items like paid time off and tuition reimbursement. These benefits are admittedly an investment, but they’ll help to reduce turnover in the long term.

In closing, while there is no surefire way to eliminate turnover at your home care agency, these strategies are a great place to start. Consider implementing our tips at your organization, and keep us posted on the outcome of your new employee retention initiatives. On behalf of Nurse2Help, we look forward to seeing your agency thrive.

Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, and resources from Nurse2Help. The Nurse2Help app lists hundreds of prescreened caregivers in the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area. Please contact us for more information.

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