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The Benefits of Hiring In-Home Help for Your Aging Parent

Sophia lives in Minnesota, over 1,600 miles away from her Virginia-based mother. When her mother didn’t pick up the phone for hours on end, Sophia knew she needed someone to check on her, if only to ensure her peace of mind. Within minutes, she hired a caregiver through the Nurse2Help web app. The professional nurse dropped by immediately, and let Sophia know that her mother was just fine.

 Worrying about the health of an aging parent is stressful, time-consuming, and a transition for the whole family — but it doesn’t have to be. While most adult children would prefer to take a hands-on approach in helping their aging parent, like Sophia, they might live far away; others might be overwhelmed at work, or preoccupied with their own kids. Finding the right care can cause anxiety, but there are a number of options available to put all parties at ease. Hiring in-home care is a fantastic way to lift the burden of aging.

Due to the increase in older people who need care, the number of individuals relying on long-term care services is projected to double from 13 million in 2000 to over 27 million in 2050. In simple terms, the population is aging, and more people than ever will require in-home care.

If you’re searching for in-home care options for your aging parents, Nurse2Help provides a seamless hiring process. Our free app will put you in touch with a variety of pre-screened, private nurses located in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. Chances are, you’ll find a caregiver who will meet your and your parents’ needs, helping them to maintain their independence while assisting them with household tasks and their own personal care.

Are you uncertain about hiring an in-home caregiver for your aging parent? These are the benefits of doing so:

One-on-One Relationships

By working one-on-one with the patient, the professional caregiver can foster a strong relationship with not only your parent but the entire family. This will allow you to find someone who truly understands your parent’s needs and preferences, and work with them to make sure the patient receives the best possible care.

Fewer Boundary Issues

Many adult children struggle with boundary issues when caring for an aging parent. Chances are, your parent is having a difficult time accepting the lack of control associated with aging, and he or she may be taking out their frustrations on you. Are you dropping by too often? Does your parent claim you’re not helping enough, or in the right way? At this stage, the lines tend to blur between parent and patient, child and caregiver. In-home care is a fantastic solution.


In-home nurses and caregivers — particularly those on the Nurse2Help platform — can help with a variety of different areas. From personal care such as bathing, eating, and dressing; to household tasks like cooking, cleaning, and shopping, your parent will benefit from a versatile, professional caregiver who can meet their diverse needs. Companionship and medication management are additional benefits of hiring an experienced in-home caregiver.


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