The Dynamic New On Demand Caregiving App, Nurse2Help Has Launched!


It has been a long time coming, and today we are excited to share our first blog post, the launching of The Nurse2Help, On-demand Caregiving App!

The web app will launch today, February 3rd, 2017, in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas with hundreds of pre-screened caregivers (list growing daily) who are ready to provide private care (medical and non-medical) to members of their communities who are in need of these services. For more information on how the Nurse2help app is set to become a game-changer, here is an excerpt from our recent press release:

Ashburn, VA (February 3, 2017) – Obtaining in-home nursing care is about to become a whole lot easier following the launch of Home Support USA’s powerful new on-demand Caregiving app, Nurse2Help. Touted as the “Uber for Nurses”, the Nurse2Help App is designed to lead caregivers directly to clients without the hassle of costly advertisements and time-consuming searches. The platform features a significant number of skilled nurses, personal care workers and in-home assistants who have been pre-screened to ensure clients’ safety and peace of mind.

The Nurse2Help app is a solution to finding in-home support workers, such as. Nurses, personal care workers, home health aides, and companions.  A representative from Nurse2Help stated: “Obtaining home care should be as easy as ordering a pizza and having it delivered. With that kind of ease in mind, we turned to the use of technology to do just that. When using the Nurse2help app, you can expect convenience as you make an instant connection with a caregiver in a safe online environment. We are living in a time of shared economy in the US which is nothing new to other cultures around the globe. In places where healthcare is scarce, the local emergency room nurse is utilized by the people in her neighborhood. We want communities here in the US to use these skilled workers in their communities who are willing to offer their services and do so for a fraction of the cost.”

The Nurse2Help App is easy to use. Families can search for a caregiver located within their zip code or anywhere they choose within our service area.  For those looking for service, it’s easy to post a service description and connect with a caregiver in real time. Each caregiver has a profile which includes a verification badge indicating the caregiver have submitted to a criminal background check, professional license/certificate verification and references from current and past employers. The app also features reviews and ratings to show what a caregiver’s performance has been on the jobs they have performed. This level of transparency makes it easy when choosing a caregiver.

Unlike other types of platforms, there is no membership fee to use the Nurse2Help App. All services are supported by Home Support USA, which means you will receive premium insurance and assistance while using the platform. For further information, or to begin using the on-demand caregiver app, visit:

If you would like to stay informed of what the Nurse2Help platform has to offer sign up now for “Caring Together,” the Nurse2Help blog.  Joining the blog is an excellent way to stay current on our newsletters and other exciting topics we will be discussing as we move forward to the future of in-home care.




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